One Marathon and Seven Ultras Later…..

March 24, 2015

I can’t believe it has taken so long to get back to blogging!  Sheesh…this run/work/life balance is tricky!  Since the previous post, I have completed another marathon, five 50k races and two 50-mile races, setting stage age records in both of the 50-milers.  And I finally broke a 2:00 half-marathon in November, 2014!

This past year has been a bit rough on the run/work/life balance because I developed hypothyroidism. Talk about tired!  When I was feeling my very worst, I did what any reasonable running idiot would do – I registered for a 100-mile race:)  The registration opened and closed in 12 minutes in September 2014 for the for the Umstead 100 mile race that is happening THIS WEEK!

Fortunately, I got the thyroid issues resolved just in time to start the 26-week training program for the Umstead 100.  In early October, I started with 40 miles per week and gradually increased to 80 miles per week, before the three week taper.   I think the training for Umstead has paid off, but I will find out for sure this weekend:)  Stay tuned….