One Marathon and Seven Ultras Later…..

March 24, 2015

I can’t believe it has taken so long to get back to blogging!  Sheesh…this run/work/life balance is tricky!  Since the previous post, I have completed another marathon, five 50k races and two 50-mile races, setting stage age records in both of the 50-milers.  And I finally broke a 2:00 half-marathon in November, 2014!

This past year has been a bit rough on the run/work/life balance because I developed hypothyroidism. Talk about tired!  When I was feeling my very worst, I did what any reasonable running idiot would do – I registered for a 100-mile race:)  The registration opened and closed in 12 minutes in September 2014 for the for the Umstead 100 mile race that is happening THIS WEEK!

Fortunately, I got the thyroid issues resolved just in time to start the 26-week training program for the Umstead 100.  In early October, I started with 40 miles per week and gradually increased to 80 miles per week, before the three week taper.   I think the training for Umstead has paid off, but I will find out for sure this weekend:)  Stay tuned….


Rocket City Marathon 2013

December 15, 2013

Yesterday, I finished my 11th marathon!  It wasn’t the PR I hoped for, but not every race can be a PR.  Yesterday’s finish time was 4:29:29, my second fastest finish time and second sub-4:30 marathon.   Considering the nausea I had for the last 16 miles, IT band pain that caused limping the last 6 miles and completion of two ultras last month (50 mile and 50k), I was pleased with yesterday’s finish time under the circumstances.  As usual, the Rocket City Marathon was awesome!  Great support from the race directors and officials, volunteers and community! 

2013 RCM4

Running is My Life

November 30, 2013

I decided to change my healthy living blog to a running blog to better reflect my life’s passion.  At one time, I was completely debilitated and even needed a wheelchair at times for mobility.  After I was blessed with the correct diagnosis and treatment, I fell in love with running 4 1/2 years ago at age 47.  I prefer endurance over speed and really enjoy ultra marathons.  My PRs for the following race distances are listed below:

5k – 25:51

10k – 55:29

15k: 1:23:50

10 Mile: 1:35:05

Half- Marathon:  2:01:59

Full Marathon:  4:22:49

50k:  6:53:43

50 Mile:  10:28:11

Coming soon – my race report for the 11/02/13 Nashville Ultra 50 mile race!